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RBI Museum & Financial Literacy Centre
Location: Kolkata, West Bengal
Project Value: ₹6,40,00,000.00/-
Client’s Name: Reserve Bank of India, Govt. of India
Date of Commencement: 24.06.2013
Description of the project: Reserve Bank of India (RBI) decided to set up a unique museum on Indian banking and Finance system with a Financial Literacy Centre at Kolkata. Creative Museum Designers (CMD) has been chosen by RBI for this prestigious project based on its credentials through recommendation basis. The museum will deal with the subject of development of financial systems through ages highlighting the current financial system of the digital era.This museum will have a mezzanine floor and a ground floor section. The mezzanine floor area will house kid space where the children can come and interact with the exhibits and during this process they will learn about the basics of financial terms and their importance. The ground floor of this gallery, as it progresses, will unfold the Story of money, Gold and the Genesis of Reserve Bank of India. The museum will have a rich collection of coins, artefacts on financial instruments dating back to the era of Mughals and East India Company etc.The museum will help the visitors to explore the contemporary issues of public interest as well as the socioeconomic scenarios behind them. This museum is a testament to the history of money and the banking phenomena around the world with special reference to India as its focal point.

Present status: The project completed and handed over on 17th September, 2018.