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Dumka Planetarium
Location: Dumka, Jharkhand
Project Value: ₹29,99,50,000.00/-
Client’s Name: Jharkhand Council on Science & Technology, Govt. of Jharkhand
Date of Commencement: 04.06.2015
Projected Date of Completion: 31.03.2020
Description of the project: On request of Jharkhand Council on Science & Technology (JCST), Creative Museum Designers (CMD) is planning to develop a Hybrid Planetarium in the Govt. Polytechnic College premises in Dumka. The dome of the Planetarium will be of 15m. A full-dome Digital Planetarium projector system, which is capable of presenting full-dome multimedia shows for nearly about 120 to 130 visitors, will also be set up. Besides, there will be interactive exhibition on astronomy and space science, activity area for students on astronomy, sky observation through a GPS-enabled telescope.

Present status: The present status of the project is as follows:
  • The civil work is in progress for the Dumka Planetarium building.
  • Planetarium Equipment is finalised.
  • Exhibition space designing is in progress.