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A dome, several star projectors, control console, sound system and sky watching facility comprise the complete set of a Planetarium. The sharp image of stars, planets etc. are projected on the inner hemispherical surface. Control console and sound system are the associated section of the whole activity. The seating arrangement installed for audience below the hemispherical dome. It may be unidirectional or concentric. Finally the sky watching facility and astronomy gallery make people to experience and learn about astronomical objects and events.

Astronomy is an age old and fascinating science. From the ancient time people tried to comprehend the logic behind astronomical phenomena without any tools. How we use the astronomical events and cycles in our daily life, what we should do and should not to be done, the astonishing big sky engulfs our whole existence all the day and night with millions of stars and planets and the pattern of their trajectory cannot be understood without the help of Planetarium demonstration. The prime target audience are school students.

We are specialised in fabricating 8m, 10m, 12m and 15m dome diameter Planetarium with seating arrangements, astronomy gallery, sky watching facility and other infrastructural facilities.