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Science centres under NCSM are dedicated to the people of India. It comprises interactive and thematic galleries, exhibits, equipped with infrastructural facilities, beautifully decorated garden with park exhibits, aquariums, visitors’ guide, library, 3D Theatre, auditorium etc. These tools are fabricated to disseminate non-formal science education to the people and behind this there is huge research and development team working to make the exposition as scientifically accurate and aesthetically designed as possible. There is no strict syllabus and no age limit of learning in these institutions. So anyone of any age group are welcome to visit and learn.

There are several levels of Science centres all over India. Science City, Kolkata; BITM, Kolkata; VITM, Bangalore; NSC, Mumbai and the NSC, Delhi are the national level units. The major research, development and design units are located in these huge organisations. RSC, Lucknow; RSC, Guwahati; RSC, Bhopal etc. are the regional level units that covers approximately 4000 sq. mtrs. and finally DSC, Purulia; DSC, Bardhaman; DSC, Dharampur etc. are the district level units covering almost 2000 sq. mtrs. All these units are dedicated to achieve the vision of life-long learning.