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We create knowledge centers

Seeing is believing. So also the innovative exhibits, models, charts, pictures designed and installed by us in museums reveal the wonders of the world before the eyes of common people.
Creative Museum Designers (CMD) is a section 8 Govt. Company under Companies Act 2013, formed in December 2013 by National Council of Science Museums (NCSM). NCSM is an institution, pioneer in the field of propagating science education through non-formal platform and engaged to the service of nation since 1977. Conforming to the purpose of its creation, CMD bears its flag for excellency in service and performance. We are designers and builders and assist Govt. as well as Non- Govt. organisations by providing our expertise and excellency and consultancy in building knowledge centres as per demands and requirements on turnkey basis. We are in the field of creating Science Centres, Science Museums, Planetariums, 3D Theatres and such other knowledge interpretation centres.
We design our galleries to disseminate the knowledge on an informal platform. In our exhibition galleries, we unfold the mysteries of science before the eyes of the visitors along with the guiding principles lying behind all such apparent wonders. With the help of projections in planetariums build by us, we take spectators to the Universe- the world of Sun, Moon, Planets, Stars, and Galaxies etc. Even with the help of interactive mechanical instruments/ models, we show the activities that are going inside our body.
As our name implies, we also bear the responsibility to focus on the rich heritage of our good old days through creation of models, diorama, exhibits etc. of archaeological importance and installing them in a well-planned way. Basically, from communicating science to exploring cultural heritage – We do it all.
In building knowledge centres like Science City, Science Centre, Science Museum, Planetarium, 3D theatre etc., initially in consultancy part, we prepare a Detailed Project Report (DPR) which reflects concept of the project, detail planning and how to bring them into reality. In turnkey part, we build up the required construction and other infrastructural facilities and thereafter we install the exhibits and then finally handover the project, completed in all respect, to the client. Before handing over the project, we ensure the full satisfaction of the client.