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Detailed Project Reports

National Geoscience Museum
Location: Bidhan Nagar, West Bengal
DPR Value: ₹25,00,000.00/-
Client’s Name: Geological Survey of India, Govt. of India
Date of Commencement: 09.12.2013
Date of Completion: 13.11.2015
Executive Summary: A High Power Committee (HPC) was constituted by the Union Cabinet in 2008 to review the function of Geological Survey of India (GSI). The committee submitted its report on 31st March, 2009 and according to the section 9.13.1 of the said report a recommendation was made to set up a national level geoscience museum by GSI at its Kolkata headquarter.
Accordingly, Creative Museum Designers (CMD) has been assigned with the work of preparing a Detailed Project Report (DPR) on National geoscience museum by GSI.

Names of the Galleries: There will be five major themes on which the galler­ies will be based. They are as follows:
  • Gallery on Geology and Planet Earth
  • Gallery on Earth science in India
  • Gallery on Life through ages
  • Gallery on Rocks, Minerals and Meteorites
  • Gallery on Geological processes and manifestations
Visitors’ facilities & Infrastructural facilities of the project:  The museum will also provide the following facilities:
  • A well-equipped repository for the artefacts
  • 3D Theatre for showing interesting phenom­enon of Earth science
  • Auditorium
  • A well-equipped library
  • Conference/ Meeting/ Presentation room
  • A walkthrough on mining activity exploiting the mineral resources of Earth
Conclusion: The total planning of the National geoscience museum has been done based on modifying and upgrading the existing vehicle workshop building at the Dharitri Building Bidhan Nagar, Kolkata 91. The architectural plan of the building has been conceptualised based on nine floors. The building contains five exhibition galleries. Elaborate planning has been done to have a well-equipped repository and research facilities containing huge artefact stock of GSI. The building is designed to have complete accessibility to physically challenged people. Building design has incorporated elements leading to energy saving and green-building concept.