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Detailed Project Reports

Tripura Vigyan Gram
Location: Agartala, Tripura
DPR Value: ₹20,00,000.00/-
Client’s Name: Tripura State Council for Science & Technology, Govt. of Tripura
Date of Commencement: 25.01.2016
Date of Completion: 19.03.2019
Executive Summary: The Govt. of Tripura has adopted a policy thrust for social appreciation of Science & Technology for the purpose of taking their messages and benefits to the people of the state at large. To empower the people of the state, the Government has made a strong commitment to spread awareness of S&T issues to the state’s population irrespective of social or community groups, through a well-developed ‘Science Communication’ programme. To achieve this aim, the Tripura State Council for Science & Technology (TSCST) has included among its major objectives, promotion of popularization of science and the spread of scientific temper and attitude among the people of the state and also dissemination of the knowledge of science for eradicating superstition and irrational attitudes.
Hence, the Govt. of Tripura has decided to consolidate and substantially expand its science communication programme by setting up a Vigyan Gram at Agartala. For that purpose, TSCST has approached Creative Museum Designers (CMD) to provide consultancy services for concept planning related to the galleries and concurrent developments and to create a Detailed Project Report (DPR) on it.

Names of the Galleries: There will be seven major themes on which the galleries will be based. They are as follows:
  • Astronomy through ages
  • Human body at work
  • Information and communication revolution
  • Mysteries of ocean
  • Climate change
  • Fun science gallery
  • Space
Visitors’ facilities & Infrastructural facilities of the project: The museum will also provide the following facilities:
  • Planetarium
  • 3D theatre
  • Astronomy club 
  • Outdoor park exhibits
  • Reception area
  • Souvenir shop
  • Office space
  • Visitors’ toilet
  • Visitors’ waiting area
  • Drinking water facility
  • Food court
  • Paved pathways
  • Lawn area
  • Security room
  • Ticket counter
  • Staff toilet
  • Fire fighting and fire detection system
  • Surveillance system etc.
Conclusion: The efficacy of a science city is realized most when the outgoing visitors can carry a message with them. We hope the message carried from this Vigyan Gram will be the awareness of our climatic changes, its impacts, importance of oceans, wonders of our body machines, history and evolu­tion in information and communication and significance of Astronomy in our society. The outdoor science park exhibits, composed of monorail cycle, models of dinosaurs, butterfly garden and medicinal plant garden and various inter­active exhibits on physical science, will provide a living laboratory of people to experiment with science and appreciate the surrounding natural beau­ty. In warm-weather months, visitors can experience a plethora of water exhibits like boating etc. Placing Hands-On exhibits in an outdoor setting, distinguishes Outdoor Science Parks from indoor Science Centres. Outdoor Science Parks are designed with attractive landscaping and environmental approach, thereby fostering awareness and understanding of the value of our environment. Educational visits to this Vigyan Gram should be developed and encour­aged to cater for all age groups, for this reason we envisaged that this science city will become children friendly. We hope this place will worth experiencing for the people outside the region as well as from Tripura and make peo­ple aware of the importance of Science and Technology in their daily life.