Recent Developments

Herschel’s 7 foot telescope
Location: Surat
Working Principle of the exhibit
Historical background:  Herschel’s famous 7-foot Newtonian telescope, is famous for discovering the Uranus (1781). The performance of the telescope was described as the “most admirable”. 

Working principle: Motions of the telescope tube from horizontal to vertical can be adjusted by cord, pulleys and rack work. The objective mirror was 6.2 inches with 227 times magnification power. The whole stand was shifted on its castors to set the tube in azimuth and fine adjustments were given by the rack motion attached to the main tube. 

Mode of display
A replica of  Herschel’s famous 7-foot  with all original parameters developed by CMD. 

After extensive research work, a 3D drawing has been done, Based on the drawing the replica has been developed with each and every mechanical and optical detailing