Recent Developments

Light tells stories
Location: Surat
Working Principle of the exhibit
Human eye can sense a very small range of wavelengths of the entire electromagnetic spectrum.
A distant star or a galaxy produces an electromagnetic spectrum beyond the visible range. Since we cannot travel to a star, we have to rely on its electromagnetic spectrum to gather information about it. The entire spectrum can reveal a lot of secrets. In this context, Spectroscopy is the single most powerful tool in astronomy. Astronomers can get information about the temperature, density, composition etc. of an astronomical object.

Mode of display
An interactive exhibit showing the diffraction spectra of three different light sources (White LED, Tungsten, Nichrome). The objective of this exhibit is to demonstrate that the characteristics lines in a spectrum depend completely on the source. 

So that the visitors can understand that the same incident happens for the spectra of different stars, galaxies or any other celestial bodies. Spectrum of two different astronomical objects will not be the same, it is completely dependent on the elements present in the stars/galaxies etc.