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CMD-NCSM synergy
By Office of MD, 15th July 2015

With the fast growing demands of NCSM’s expertise and support in the field of museum development, it was increasingly being felt that NCSM cannot serve all the requests it receives. Number of requests were overwhelming compared to the allowed manpower of the organization. Moreover, modern museum development always demands amalgamation of multidisciplinary skills. So, Therefore, NCSM authorities decided to fork out a company, wholly owned by NCSM though, which will be able to harness the manpower dynamically. Creative Museum Designers (CMD) has been formed as a company under Section 8 of the Companies Act 2013. The purpose of the company is to provide one stop solution for all museum needs, be it a science museum or a science centre or an archaeology/history museum or a panorama, planetarium, Science Park or any other edutainment facility. The company draws heavily from the expertise and well trained human resources from the National Council of Science Museum, its promoter. CMD, being guided by NCSM as its sole and principal mentor, targets to undertake and manage projects by a group of experienced and seasoned professionals from different disciplines of science and engineering, museology, arts, finance, administration, public relations and management. CMD works to develop architectural plans for new museum / science centre buildings, conceptualize, design and develop exhibits and exhibitions, conduct training in different aspects of museum professions, including writing/editing of scripts/labels and extends guidance in strategic planning.

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